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Please feel free to contact the Florida SWAT Association with any
requests for training classes in your region.
If you have any specific needs, we want to know!

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 All training courses are for members only and registration requires
that you have already been vetted and approved by FSA. 
>>>You must be considered "on-duty" with your agency to attend a course.<<<


Some Courses that we offer





Tactical Performance Lab Powered by Ten Thousand More Info
 Vero Beach, FL  May 1-3, 2023  FREE  Register

FSA Patrol Rifle Competition More Info

Lakeland, FL May 24-25, 2023 $125 Register

SOCP Entry Combatives More Info

Orlando, FL May 30 - June 1, 2023  $250 Register

Basic C.E.R.T. School More Info

Naples, FL Jun 19-23, 2023 FREE Register

Tactical Medical Course TEMS More Info

 Camp Blanding, FL  Jul 10-14, 2023  $450  Register

Advanced Sniper More Info

 Lakeland, FL October  9-13, 2023  $400  Register

Basic SWAT

 Camp Blanding, FL      

Basic Sniper

 Lakeland, FL      
Rappel Master  Orlando, FL      

Ballistic Shield Operator

Gainesville, FL TBA 2023 TBA  
Hathcock Sniper School TBA   TBA  

Tactical Team Leader Development 2023

 TBA  TBA 2023  TBA  
Hostage Victim Rescue        

High Risk Search Warrant
Mission Planning and Execution

Counter Ambush Tactics        

Mechanical and Ballistic Breaching


Dignitary Protection 


Tactical Entry

Tactical Handgun / Rifle        
Rural Operations        
Gun Fighter        
*Free courses require an active/paid FSA membership