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You must be considered "on-duty" with your agency to attend a course.

Some Courses that we offer





Rappel Master More Info

Orlando Jan 27-31, 2020 $250 Course Full

Dignitary Protection More Info

Orlando Jan 27-31, 2020 $400 Course Full

Tactical Entry More Info

Sarasota Jan 27-29, 2020 $100 Course Full
Basic Sniper More Info Crestview Feb 17-21, 2020 $400 Register Now
Basic SWAT More Info Camp Blanding Feb 28-Mar 6, 2020 $500


Counter Ambush Tactics Palm Beach Mar 26-27 TBD Pending
Ballistic Shield Operator More Info Gainesville Apr 20-22, 2020 $225 Register Now
Advanced Sniper More Info Bartow Apr 20-24, 2020 $400 Register Now

Tactical Medic More Info

Camp Blanding Apr 20-24, 2020 $450

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Hostage Rescue Tactics        

CERT Training

Naples Fall 2020 Free for Members  
Tactical Team Leader Development        
Tactical Handgun / Rifle        
Amored Vehicle Operations        
Mechanical and Ballistic Breaching        
Rural Operations        
Incorporating Unmanned Aircraft
into SWAT Operations