Training Calendar

Please feel free to contact the Florida SWAT Association with any
requests for training classes in your region.
If you have any specific need, we want to know!

Contact FSA Training Coordinator

 All training courses are for members only and registration requires
that you have already been vetted and approved by FSA. 
**You must be considered "on-duty" with your agency to attend a course.**

Some Courses that we offer





Tactical Team Leader More Info Sarasota, FL Nov 11-12, 2020 $100 Register Now

Tactical Entry More Info

 Sarasota, FL Nov 16-18, 2020  $100 WAIT LIST
Sniper Spring Shootout More Info Orlando, FL Feb 17-19, 2021 $300

Register Now

Basic SWAT Camp Blanding Mar 26-Apr 2, 2021 $500

Coming soon

Tactical Medic More Info

Camp Blanding Apr 26-30, 2021 $450 Register Now

CERT Training

Naples, FL      
Advanced Sniper        
Ballistic Shield Operator        
Counter Ambush Tactics        
Basic Sniper        
Hostage Rescue Tactics        

Rappel Master


Dignitary Protection

Tactical Handgun / Rifle        
Amored Vehicle Operations        
Mechanical and Ballistic Breaching        
Rural Operations        
Incorporating Unmanned Aircraft
into SWAT Operations