Florida SWAT Association

The Florida SWAT Association is represented throughout the state of Florida. We have strong relationships and membership in the tactical community at the national level as well. We are open to all officers who may respond to and aid in the resolution of critical incidents.

If you have what it takes, then join the Florida SWAT Association now.

Nationwide Issues in Special Tactics:

A Panel Discussion with the State Associations from the 2023 NTOA Conference

This episode was recorded live at the National Tactical Officers Association Annual Conference in Aurora Colorado. At the conference I was fortunate to moderate a panel discussion that included the presidents of five separate tactical associations including: Brent Straton from the California Association of Tactical Officers, Chris Eklund from the Florida SWAT Association, Thor Eells from the National Tactical Officers Association, Nick Sprague from the Rocky Mountain Tactical Teams Association and Dan Colasanto from the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association. This was a wide-ranging discussion the covered a number of current topics in special tactics including Constitutional Policing, Militarization of law enforcement, swat standards, no knock warrants, and the use of dynamic tactics in search warrants. The contrast between the different regional and national perspectives on these issues made for a great conversation. I’d like to thank the NTOA, CATO, Florida SWAT, RMTTA, and TTPOA for their willingness to share this discussion with our audience. One note about Audio quality, because this episode was recorded live, in a large group classroom at the conference there is more background noise than a typical episode. We have done our best to remove this noise, but we appreciate your patience and understanding about the recording issues that remain

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