Spring Shootout

February 14-16, 2024

The events of the Florida SWAT Association’s 2023 Spring Sniper Shootout turned out to be very competitive for the 19 teams that participated this year.  Those attending were snipers for law enforcement agencies from all over the state of Florida and they brought their competitive spirits and individual skill sets to compete for some great prizes.  The closeness of the overall team and individual scores shows how hard everyone continues to train to make sure they are the best of the best!

FSA also had the privilege to bring Sergeant Albert Schultz and Officer Christopher Munn, Tacoma (WA) Police Department SWAT Team, to conduct debriefs on several critical incidents their SWAT team has been involved in during the past several years. Critical knowledge on the different techniques used for each situation and awareness of additional training concepts to consider incorporating into SWAT team training was presented by Sergeant Schultz and Officer Munn, and we thank them for taking time out of their schedules to attend our event.  

CONGRATULATIONS to Anthony Hellstern and Luke Pupke, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, for taking the team win in the 2023 Spring Sniper Shootout!  Second place team winners were Kris Conner and Parker Kellerman, Lakeland Police Department.  

CONGRATULATIONS to Jovani Santos, Orange County Sheriff’s Office, who won the Individual Top Sniper award!  J.P. Antepara, Kissimmee Police Department, took second place in the individual sniper event.
I can’t express how important our amazing sponsors and their donations are to our event.  Without their support, this event would not have been possible:

•    Florida Bullet
•    Brigade Firearms
•    Ruger
•    Springfield Armory
•    5.11
•    T.A.B. Gear
•    Blue Force Gear
•    ESS Eyewear

I want to recognize the following agencies for their continued support:  Orlando Police Department, Lakeland Police Department, Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, Citrus County Sheriff’s Office and Orange County Sheriff's Office.  Each year, these agencies provide personnel to assist with scorekeeping, range/officer safety and overall support in helping make the Sniper Shootout a successful event.

I want to thank all the agencies that participated in this year’s shootout.  I look forward to seeing you throughout the year at our other great training courses and at next year’s 2024 Spring Sniper Shootout!  Stay safe and stay well!

Nick Brown
Florida SWAT Association


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