In Memory of Vincent W Arnone

It is with a heavy heart that the Florida SWAT Association/SWAT Round-Up International announces the passing of Vincent “Vinnie” Arnone of Plympton, MA, on December 4, 2019, at the age of 73.  He was a veteran, proudly serving in the U.S. Marine Corps during the Cold War and the U.S. Army Special Forces during the Vietnam War.  After his military service, he worked as a civilian contractor/bodyguard to a high-ranking member of the Thai Parliament, as he was fluent in three dialects of Thai and had working knowledge of Laotian.

Vinnie worked in the security consulting field for over 30 years with his work taking him across the globe to Thailand, Northern Ireland, England, Germany, France, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Taiwan, Mexico, Hong Kong, The People’s Republic of China, Brunei, Borneo, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Afghanistan.  
Within the United States, he trained and mobilized security teams for most major, full-time SWAT Teams, as well as many part-time multi-jurisdictional teams, and FAST Company Marines, U.S. Navy SEALS, U.S. Army Special Forces and Rangers, U.S. Air Force CCT and U.S. Coast Guard counter-terrorism units in the Boston, MA area.

In his own words, “The highlight of my career has been serving as, first a member of the NEMLEC competition team to the SWAT Round-Up International for seven years, and then as a judge at this event for the past ten years.”

Vinnie’s accomplishments and expertise will live on in the tactical communities he has worked with for many years to come.  He was a true ambassador for SWAT Round-Up, always speaking very highly of SWAT Round-Up International and the Florida SWAT Association.

We offer our deepest condolences to Vinnie’s family, friends and co-workers and are extremely appreciative of the many years of Vinnie’s efforts and support of our organization/event.