Q. Are my payments saved in the website?
A. No, the website does not save your credit card information

Q. What does FSA do with my information, is it shared?
A. No, we do not share any membership information with anyone outside of Florida SWAT Association

Q. Does this website make my personal information public?
A. No, we have set up members only access so that the public cannot search or view our member database

Q. Can I find contact information for another Florida SWAT member?
A. Yes, please email us and we will make the connection.

Q. How do I apply to become a member of Florida SWAT Association
A. Click HERE for step by step instructions

Q. I am attempting to renew but it tells me "You cannot renew your membership at this time. Please contact our office for further assistance."
A. You will see this message if you are in the database as an "agency member" that has been renewed by the agency in the past. Please contact us at Membership@floridaswat.org if you choose to change your record to an "individual member"