To join FSA, the cost is $25.00 per person regardless if you are joining as an individual or a team. 
Every member has the option to add NTOA as a dual membership prior to checkout.
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Which option is right for you/your agency? 


Will renew for the $25.00 annual dues and is paid by signing in as each member individually.

The payment method can still be an agency card or an agency purchase order.


Sends the annual renewal notice to one billing contact on the team (usually the commander or representative).

It will require full payment to cover the entire team. 
(i.e. $25.00 x 20 members = $500.00)

As an individual member, you will be able to register yourself for class   Any member of the group, while signed in, can register himself and/or his teammates for class
              Apply as an Agency
Step by step instructions


Payment options at checkout include:
VISA, Mastercard, Agency Purchase Order

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