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FSA Director of Operations, David Arnott
Lieutenant-Orlando Police Department

FSA President, Chris Eklund,
Sergeant-Orange County, FL

2016 Officer of the year
Lieutenant Scott Smith with his family
Orlando Police Department

David Arnott, Orlando
Sam Todd, Ohio
Steve Mescan, Pittsburg

More than just a training event or pulse-pounding competition, SWAT Round-Up is a sum that is greater than its parts. Ultimately it is an opportunity for operators across the globe to come together as one to learn from each other. The brotherhood you share with your teammates will extend to your fellow operators as you train, compete and cheer each other on. The relationships you form here will be based on your shared values of loyalty, bravery and dedication to saving lives and these bonds will last your lifetime.

The training and education program is a vital component of the SWAT Round-Up International experience. Training for 2016 will be conducted by nationally renowned instructors and will include numerous relevant courses for SWAT and ERTs. No other venue offers an equal gathering of distinguished experts.

Each of the five Round-Up competition events should be considered a training opportunity. These events are geared for simulation of real life scenarios and are intended to challenge the team as a unit. Optional events emphasize weapon expertise and physical fitness.

Others may attempt to emulate the SWAT Round-Up International experience, but there is no equal.

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