13th Annual Spring Shoot Out Sniper Competition
March 22-24, 2017 • Orlando, Florida

First place individual won a Ruger® Precision Rifle .308WIN, model 18004,
which is being donated by Ruger® Firearms

First place team won 2 AR-15 rifles, Smith & Wesson M&P-15X #811008
from B&H Police Supply in Merritt Island, FL.

Congratulations to Dale Deas and Preston Hale of the Lakeland Police Department, for the 1st place overall finish in the Team competition! It was a close race.  Brandon Illegen and Brandin Suarez of the Kissimmee Police Department were edged out of the 1st place by only 3 points.

The top sniper in our 13th Annual FSA Spring Shooutout went to Dale Deas of the Lakeland Police Department with a total of 114 points!

The Spring Shootout has been running strong for 13 years. This is a direct reflection of the dedication of our committee and the generosity of our sponsors. Even though this is a competition, all of the events are inspired by real call-outs or situations that we have experienced. We incorporate training objectives behind each of the courses.  The stress of a timer and competing against our peers allows us to create an environment which closely mirrors a real world incident.

We would like to thank the generosity of our sponsors for supporting us in this year's Spring Shootout.  B&H Police Supply provided a pair of Smith & Wesson M&P rifles for the 1st place team.  Ruger provided a Ruger Precision Rifle for the overall individual. Also special thanks to Aaron Murray from Tactical Systems by Florida Bullet for our daily logistical support.

We would also like to recognize the Orlando Police Department, the Lakeland Police Department, the Indian River Police Department, the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office and the Orange County Sheriff's Office for their continued support and helping to make this years event live up to it's reputation.

I look forward to seeing you throughout the year at our other great training courses and at next year's 2018 Spring Shootout!

Nick Brown,
Florida SWAT Association



2017 First Place Team
Dale Deas & Preston Hale
Lakeland Police Department

2017 Second Place Team
Brandin Suarez & Bradon Illegen
Kissimmee Police Department


Wednesday March 22, 2017

1200-1400 hrs Early Registration 
OCSO Range - Brown/Michelle

1200-1400 hrs Sight In 10 Round/100yds only
OCSO Range - OCSO Staff

1400-1800 hrs Welcome
FSA Classroom - Brown

  • Safety Debrief
  • Range Rules
  • Number and Letter Official Assignment
  • Gear Inspection
    Outside - Brown

Thursday March 23, 2017
0800-0900 hrs Daily Brief Classroom - Brown
1000-1700 hrs Competition

  • Stage 1 WPPC    Mass Cold Bore Shot
    Individual Only
  • Stage 2 WPPC    Walk in the Woods
    Team Only & Individual
  • Stage 3 EPPC    Rifle Madness
    Team Only
  • Stage 4 Rifle Range    Tower Challenge
    Team & Individual

Friday March 24, 2017
0800-0900 hrs Daily Brief
Classroom Brown
1000-1600 hrs Competition

  • Stage 5 WPPC    Mass Cold Bore Shot
    Individual Only
  • Stage 6 WPPC    Make it Count Course
    Team & Individual
  • Stage 7 Rifle Range    Champion's Course
    Team only
  • Stage 8 EPPC    Shooters Choice Challenge
    Team & Individual
  • Bonus Tie Breaker

1600-1700 hrs Award Ceremony

After Action

Schedule is subject to change by the competition committee


14500 Wewahotee Rd
Orlando, FL


Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Orlando Airport
5555 Hazeltine National Dr
Orlando, FL 32812

Need to reserve by February 6th, 2017 to get the reduced rate.



All equipment is required for each event

Safety Equipment [Per Man not Team]

  • Hearing Protection [Mandatory]
  • Eye Protection [Optional]

Mission Equipment [Per Man not Team]
The point is to compete (run the course) with your normal duty equipment.

  • Scoped rifle
  • M4 Style Patrol Rifle
  • Duty Handgun
  • Duty Uniform / BDU top and bottom
  • Soft body armor worn under BDU top
  • Boonie Hat not base ball cap!
  • Duty Boots
  • Duty Gas Mask
  • Duty Back Pack / Vest / Bag [how you carry your mission equip]
    • Minimum 1/2 gallon of water [bottles, canteen, camelback, etc]
    • 40 rounds duty ammo
    • Additional sight system - binoculars / spotting scope / mono scope
    • Range Finder (Optional) or Mil-Dot or Duplex reticle ranging proficient [Point, you must be able to accurately estimate ranges]
    • Compass
    • Camouflage stick or kit - face paint
    • Red lens flashlight
    • Duty Rain Gear / Poncho / Rain suit (Not some dime store crap you would wear at a football game!)
    • Note pad / Paper / pen
    • Clippers / Wire or Pruning shears
    • Lens Cleaning supplies
    • Duty Belt [SWAT duty, not Class A gear]
    • Duty Radio
    • Duty handgun

Equipment not present for inspection before each event will be replaced with a brick the size of my choice!

Total Competition Rounds -- 100 Rounds Rifle / 50 Handgun / 50 M4 style Gun for each competitor

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