FSA Training FSA Advanced Sniper
Training Week
April 7th-11th 2014
Lakeland PD

The Florida SWAT Association will host the Advanced Sniper Training Week in Lakeland from April 7-11, 2014. The cost of this training is $400 per attendee.
Each attendee’s annual membership dues must be paid in full prior to beginning training. If you are not a member, an attendee can obtain their membership that day. Cost of FSA membership is $25.

Class will be limited to 24 students.

Monday April 7 – Class will start in Lakeland Police Department Training Facility classroom at 0800 hours.

• Student must have attended and successfully completed a basic sniper school
• Students can fax a copy of their school certificates to (239) 252-0329 or scan and email a copy to Kristopher.Sutton@colliersheriff.org

• Through classroom discussion and live fire exercises, the students will enhance their sniper/observer deployment capabilities, sniper specific tactics and rifle shooting skills.
• This training week is designed to further the education learned in a basic sniper school and provide the students more advanced skills required to perform as a law enforcement sniper/observer.
• This training week is designed to provide a continuing education of sniper/observer specific team functions; to include: cold bore shots, stress shooting, moving targets, distance shooting, elevated platform shooting, intermediate barrier shooting, stalking, observation and intelligence gathering skills and scenarios.

Optically Sighted Sniper Rifle *
Full sniper operational equipment
Ballistic Vest (if you wear it on operations)
Gas mask
Ghillie suit
Boonie hat
Match grade rifle ammunition
Rifle log book
Note pad & pen
Wet weather gear
Eye (optional) and ear protection (mandatory)
Range finder (if you have one)
Sniper rifle cleaning equipment
Camel Bak / water / energy snacks
Sniper mat (recommended by range staff)

• Approximately 500 rounds is required to complete the week
• * Match grade ammunition is required *
•A sniper rifle is one that is of such construction, quality and design to ensure a consistent point of aim / point of impact; .223, .308 or appropriate caliber.

Additional training information can be obtained from Corporal Kris Sutton, FSA Sniper Cadre South Florida Liaison, at 239-253-4829 or Kristopher.Sutton@colliersheriff.org

Holiday Inn Express
Lakeland North I-4
4500 Lakeland Park Drive
Lakeland, FL  33809

Lakeland Police Department Firearms Range
3131 Centurion Drive
Lakeland, FL 33801