11th Annual Spring Shoot Out Sniper Competition
February 25-27, 2014
Central Florida

Congratulations to
the Kissimmee Police Department for the 1st place overall in Team competition and
to Thomas Beagan of the Citrus County Sheriff's Office for the 1st place in Individual competition for 2014!

The 2014 FSA Spring Shootout provided another great competition for snipers from around the state.  The venue change to Lakeland P.D.'s range provided the opportunity to present participants with new challenges and opportunities to test their skills.  The relatively cold and rainy weather also created a terrific training opportunity that Florida snipers don't always get a chance to experience.  Thanks to the Lakeland Police Department, Orlando Police Department and Orange County Sheriff's Office for planning and developing courses as well as Lieutenant Joe Carter and the numerous others who helped in making this event happen. 

We look forward to the 2015 Spring Shootout!

Chris Eklund
Florida SWAT Association


Wednesday February 5, 2014

1400 1600 hrs Early Registration Lakeland Range
1400 1600 hrs Sight In Lakeland Range (10 Rounds)
1600 1800 hrs Welcome FSA Classroom Joe Carter
Safety Brief Classroom Joe Carter
Range Rules
Number and Letter Official Assignment
Gear Inspection outside Joe Carter

Thursday February 6, 2014
0800 0900 hrs Daily Brief Classroom Joe Carter
1000 1700 hrs Competition

Friday February 7, 2014
0800 - 0900 hrs Daily Brief Classroom Joe Carter
1000 1600 hrs Competition
1600 - 1700 hrs Award Ceremony

Schedule is subject to change by the competition committee

3131 Centurion Drive
Lakeland, FL 33801
(863) 834-8698

Holiday Inn Express

Lakeland North I-4
4500 Lakeland Park Drive
Lakeland, FL 33809
(863) 595-4500
(no blocked rooms, reserve on your own)

Hampton Inn Lakeland
4420 North Socrum Loop Road
Lakeland, FL 33809
(863) 816-2525
Fax (863) 816-2727

Ask for government rate


All equipment is required for each event

Safety Equipment [Per Man not Team]
Hearing Protection [Mandatory]
Eye Protection [Optional]

Mission Equipment [Per Man not Team]
Duty Uniform / BDU top and bottom
Soft body armor worn under BDU top
Boonie Hat not base ball cap!
Duty Boots
Duty Gas Mask
Duty Back Pack / Vest / Bag [how you carry you mission equip] With:

Minimum gallon of water [bottles, canteen, camelback, etc]
40 rounds duty ammo
Sub-Gun or Entry Gun (.223, .45, 9mm) for each competitor / This is in addition to their competition duty rifle **New**
50 rounds ammo for above weapon each competitor
Duty handgun
50 rounds ammo for duty hand gun for each competitor
Additional sight system - binoculars / spotting scope / mono scope
Camouflage stick or kit face paint
Red lens flashlight
Duty Rain Gear / Poncho / Rain suit (Not some dime store crap you would wear at a football game)
Note pad / Paper / pen
Clippers / Wire or Pruning shears
Lens Cleaning supplies
Duty Belt [SWAT duty, not Class A gear]
Duty Radio

Equipment not present for inspection before each event will be replaced with a brick!


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