The Florida SWAT Association is dedicated to those professionals operating in the tactical communities of law enforcement and the military. Although members are predominately Florida based law enforcement officers, the Florida SWAT Association is open to all officers that respond to and resolve critical incidents, as well as those individuals who provide direct support for those officers.

The Florida SWAT Association promotes high quality education and networking within the tactical community. The Florida SWAT Association achieves this through a wide ranging training calendar, a quarterly magazine, and several Florida SWAT sponsored annual events/competitions.

Since 1986, the Florida SWAT Association has been a leader in the tactical community and will continue to do so with a strong membership base of dedicated, professional tactical officers. If you have what it takes, then join the Florida SWAT Association now.

Download SWAT Round Up App NOVEMBER 2015


Here is the link for iPhone App:

Here is the link for Google Play App:

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Tactical Medical Challenge 2016 OCTOBER 2015


The Tactical Medical Challenge 2016 is a First Annual multifaceted approach to the ongoing professionalizing of the tactical medical community. It is first and foremost an unprecedented educational symposium coupled with a challenging competition that fosters teamwork and improves the skill sets of both the medical operator and non-medical operator.

The Tactical Medical Challenge 2016 is hosted by the Lake County Sheriff's Office, the Institute of Public Safety Lake Technical College and Tactical Element.

Tactical Medical Challenge 2016 event dates are February 7-12, 2016.

The webpage that is used for information and registration is

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Nominations for FSA Board of Directors OCTOBER 2015



The Nomination Period for the FSA Board of Directors ended on September 30, 2015.

Nominated for President - Chris Eklund - Orange County Sheriff's Office
Nominated for Vice President - Joe Fernandez - Collier County Sheriff's Office
Nominated for Secretary - David Allen - Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office

There were not any additional nominations other than those mentioned above, therefore the the need for an election isn't required. Each of these members will assume their positions on November 11, 2015 and their term will end on November 11, 2017.

The following appointed positions will remain in place:

Treasurer - Ruben Garcia - Lakeland Police Department
Tactical Medics - BJ Hall - St. John's County Sheriff's Office
Sniper Competition - Joe Carter - Orange County Sheriff's Office
Sniper Competition/Round Up Vendors - Michelle Griffin
Membership/Website/Magazine/Administrative Support - Kendra Goebel
Director of Operations - Dave Arnott - Orlando Police Department

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